Kingdom Festival Founder
The Torah Portion

Pastor Greg Cumming is a highly respected Christian minister with 35 years of experience in ministry and business. He founded successful organisations like Mission Educate in Mozambique and The Literacy Program. He authored 12 books, with his latest book, “Is Jesus the Messiah?”, set to release soon. He also created the Milk Course and leads the Torah Portion, an online Bible study. Ps Greg is passionate about sharing the gospel, raising wholehearted disciples and is a wealth of knowledge in the scriptures.


Festival Director
Senior Pastor Kingdom Church

Kyal Cumming, Senior Pastor of Kingdom Church Gold Coast, is a dedicated bible teacher. His passion for empowering believers to live out their faith is rooted in a deep love for the people, land, and Torah of Israel. Kyal’s teachings inspire a deeper understanding of the truth of the Bible, and he aims to see people prepared for the coming Kingdom. Since its establishment in March 2019, Kingdom Church has already made a positive impact on the local community through worship, outreach, and discipleship.


Festival Team
Senior Pastor Beit Netser

Pastor Craig Hepplewhite is the Senior Pastor at Beit Neitser Messianic Congregation in Wynnum, Brisbane. With 20+ years of ministry experience, he is a passionate teacher of the Torah and its connection to the New Covenant. He is dedicated to seeing believers grow in their relationship with God, and to seeing the local church impact the community. Under his leadership, Beit Neitser has grown and become a thriving community of faith actively engaged in serving others.



Festival Team
Olive Tree Ministries

Pastor Enoch Lavender is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries (previously Shalom Israel), in Australia which has a specific emphasis on end time prophetic teaching. He is a gifted communicator who speaks with a depth of insight and understanding of the Scriptures and his content is often seen in the UK and beyond. His passion is to see people experience the love and grace of God and to grow in their understanding of their identity in Christ. Pastor Enoch and his family are also actively involved in community outreach and missions work