Get ready to be part of the Kingdom Festival excitement! Our Town Hall Question and Answers session on Wednesday, October 4th, is your chance to engage with our incredible guest speakers. We’re eager to hear your burning questions, curiosities, and thoughts. Don’t hold back; let your imagination run wild! Whether you’re pondering epic quests or seeking sage advice, our panel is here to enlighten and entertain.

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┬áLet’s make this Town Hall unforgettable. Join us in shaping the Kingdom Festival conversation, and who knows, your question might just unlock the secrets of the realm!

*Please note that we will aspire to get through all of the questions on the day, but if time runs short, we may not be able to address your question specifically.


– Dealing with Replacement Theology
– God’s festivals and Jesus
– The end times
– Biblical prophecy
– Science, suffering and God
– Living like Jesus
– Sharing my faith
– God’s eternal purposes for the Jewish people
– Revealing Messiah
– Deepening my relationship with God
– Faith in action
– Overcoming doubts
– Ethics from scripture
– Politics and advocacy
– Other

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